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Polypropylene: The material of the future

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic material from the polyolefin group. These plastics have been used successfully to make pipes for decades. Polypropylene is also used in the automotive industry and in tank systems to meet high safety standards. Its hygienic standard, corrosion resistance, easy manufacturing properties and many other aspects offer excellent qualities for a wide range of applications.

With respect to DIN EN 476, polypropylene has excellent thermal properties. It can also be used under extreme conditions.

  • high chemical resistance; pH 1–pH 13 (acidic-alkali) stable against biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion
  • high abrasion resistance of polypropylene, which ensures durability and operational reliability
  • excellent impact resistance and durability
  • does not tend to crack or spread cracks
  • robust under mechanical stress (e. g. high-pressure flushing)
  • smooth surfaces, optimum hydraulics
  • no incrustation, deposits cannot build up
  • self-cleaning, requires less maintenance