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Building drainage

Our new soundproofing pipes set new standards in all areas of the demanding structural engineering field.

HT Safe®

High time for the new generation: With HT Safe® we have raised the standards and completely redefined household building drainage. Thanks to its great success in the market, the innovative HT-Safe® pipe system has completely replaced our standard-HT pipe.

Skolan Safe®

Continuous development of our in house waste water system, has led to Skolan Safe® – a forward-thinking complete solution for all demanding structural engineering projects.

HT-System (PP) white

Are you searching for an unobtrusive HT pipe for surface mounting? In this case, our HT system (PP) white is just what you are looking for! The white look ensures that the pipe looks elegant even in visible areas.

HT-System (PP)

The modified house discharge system from Ostendorf. It unites all the requirements of a modern house discharge system from sound insulation/fire protection to easy centimeter- marking installation. Of course, all the established properties such as low inflammability, chemical resistance and hot water resistance have been taken on.