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KG-System Coex SN 4 / SN 8 and Full-wall SN 10 (PVC)

For decades, the proven smooth-walled PVC drainage pipe and its excellent properties has proven itself with respect to discharging waste water and rain water both for private and commercial projects. We have therefore decided to further develop the proven smooth-walled drainage pipe to a high-load drainage pipe. Thanks to its excellent properties, it offers operators a high level of reliability and also economic benefits.

The KG-System (PVC) in detail

Our coex-pipes SN 4 and SN 8 are manufactured according to DIN EN 13476-2, the full-wall pipes and the fittings are produced according to DIN EN 1401-1.

The result is a pipe system with a smooth inner wall that is resistant to incrustation and an elastic core that can withstand ground pressure as well as traffic loads. The pipes are extremely durable and remain stable for an extended period of time and retain their elastic behaviour.

Factory inlaid SBR lip seal acc. to DIN EN 681 for SN 4 coex pipes and for all fittings. The coex pipes SN 8 and the full wall pipes SN 10 come with a considerable improved factory inlaid lip seal. The new lip seal has a fixed supporting ring made of PP. The required tightness acc. to DIN EN ISO 13259 with vacuum and water is exeeded. The lip seal is produced acc. to DIN EN 681. For waste water containing oil and fat NBR lip seals must be used.

Due to its light weight, easy handling is ensured even for pipes of up to 5 m in length. The pipe connection is easily made thanks to the sleeve and seal element. Specifically this means: fast assembly and easy installation.

Our KG-system PVC pipes are also available as full-wall pipes SN 4 and SN 8 according to the GRIS quality seal no. 175/ Ö-Norm EN 1401-1.