building drainage

HT Safe®

High time for the new generation: With HT Safe® we have raised the standards and completely redefined in house building drainage. Thanks to its great success in the market, the innovative HT-Safe® pipe system has completely replaced our standard-HT system. Rely on the new standards as of now!

HT Safe® in detail

Naturally, HT Safe® is fully compatible with our previous HT system.

The high-performance 3-lip seal can now be used more quickly than ever before and guarantees secure sealing even under the most adverse conditions.

The smooth inner wall ensures optimised noise behaviour of just 21 dB (at a 4 litre flow rate according to measurements with Bismat 1000 (P-BA 222/2016)). This makes the in house waste water system extremely quiet and offers excellent soundproofing.

The pipe is made of polypropylene and is hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102 (B 1) and DIN EN 1451-1.

We offer an unbelievable 25-year guarantee on this system. The resistance, formula and a high-performance 3 lip seal completely redefines the standards for building drainage.

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