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PE drinking water pipe

Ostendorf supplies drinking water pressure pipes made of PE-HD. These are manufactured according to DIN EN 12201 and bear the DVGW quality seal. The general quality requirements satisfy DIN 8075.

The improved, high-density polyethylene materials used in the modern pipe production process (PE-HD) stand out thanks to their high flexibility and resistance. PE-HD pipes are highly efficient in the long-term thanks to their long service life.

PE drinking water pipe in detail

The PE pressure pipe stands out thanks to its high chemical resistance to alkalis, salt solutions and inorganic acids. The material of the pipe is also physiologically and toxicologically safe.

The PE drinking water pipe is the product of choice thanks to its easy handling and the flexibility of the pipe during installation. Thanks to the lightness of the material and its resistance to subsiding ground, it may be used universally.

The pipe has a smooth surface. This creates excellent flow properties and a low friction coefficient. Incrustation is minimised thanks to the reduced creation of micro-organisms.

Low thermal conductivity makes the PE drinking water pipe very versatile. In addition, our pressure pipes have very good electrical insulating properties.