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Customised solutions

Apart from our established product series, we are able to offer customised solutions to meet your colour and form requirements. Thanks to our know-how and our broad range of options and experience we have the possibility to realise your special needs. Our long-standing customers highly appreciate our flexibility. Just contact us. We will develop the optimum solution for your special requirements.

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Customised solutions in detail

Be it grey, black, blue, green or red: On request, we can also supply our products in various colours.

Be it polypropylene (PP) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC): Individual colour and form requests can be realised independent of the material.

Certain product series can not only be produced in your colour, but also in transparent models for specialised purposes.

We offer an unbelievable 25-year guarantee on our product range. The durability and formula of our systems completely redefine the standard with respect to building drainage and sewage discharge.