Drainage pipe systems

Durable and environmentally-friendly: Our RG pipes can hold their own against the forces of nature and are made for extreme conditions.

To the product overview

In this fast-paced era we live in, humans are intervening more and more into nature. To keep the impact on the environment as low as possible, we have developed the highly-modern waste water system KG2000 made of polypropylene. It is highly durable and also withstands the most demanding conditions.

New: Our expert for wastewater equipment! We have improved our highly modern waste water system KG2000. With a ring stiffness of 16kN/m² (pipes according to DIN EN ISO 9969 / moulded parts according to DIN EN ISO 13967) the waste water pipe system can withstand even heavier load requirements.

Of course there was no need to make our KG2000 plastic pipe system any more perfect than they were, however we have finally implement a long-cherished customer request: As of now, we are offering KG2000 pipes also in blue.

Nature is an important part of our lives and, as such, it is natural for us to protect it. The KG System (PVC) is a waste water system that complies with all water resistance, service life and easy handling requirements.

For decades, the proven smooth-walled PVC drainage pipe and its excellent properties has proven itself with respect to discharging waste water and rain water both for private and commercial projects. This is why we have consistently further developed the system.

The modern full-wall drainage pipe KG SN 10 (ring stiffness according to DIN EN ISO 9969) PVC-U offers best ‘Made in Germany’ quality and is extremely robust. The pipe has a shaped socket with a fixed sealing ring at one end that is factory installed, and discharges waste water and rain water.