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Chamber System DN 600

The extensive Chamber System DN 600 by Ostendorf fulfills the various requirements for modern civil engineering projects. It simplifies the use for modern service, cleaning and inspection methods. Thanks to its ideal properties, it means that there is almost no need to install chambers in drainage lines longer than 100 m.

Chamber System DN 600
in detail

The chamber system DN 600 is made of 100 percent of polypropylene. Polypropylene is temperature resistant from -20 °C to 90 °C and is corrosion-free and durable.

Precise work for a long life: The chamber system DN 600 is made of the quality material polypropylene that is particularly resistant to aggressive waste water to protect the environment.

The construction system comprises of a few components. This means that the chamber is very light. The components may be connected logically, easily and reliably. A flat installation surface across the entire diameter guarantees the structural stability when positioning the chamber base.

The intelligent sealing system guarantees a protected holder for the chamber seals in the sealing bead. They may withstand the extremely high requirements of lifting equipment and are therefore permanently tight thanks to the relieving telescopic design of the chamber adapter.

DN 600 chambers by Ostendorf are easy to check and clean. Flushing hoses, spirals and video cameras can be fitted easily into the chamber, and are fed into the connected pipes via the soft chamber groove in the chamber base. The design of the chamber base ensures excellent flow behaviour. This keeps the maintenance requirements very low and the chamber cleans itself more or less independently. The chamber colour is suitable for conventional inspection cameras.

The chamber system is tested based on the requirements of the standard DIN EN 13598 and fulfils the standards EN 476, EN 124 and EN 681. Thanks to the small size less excavation is required. The chamber is also specially designed for easy transport and easy assembly which also reduces the maintenance requirements. As a quality product, the chamber system is naturally recyclable.