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Chamber System DN 400

Our innovative Chamber System DN 400 adapts to the environment and the height may be easily adjusted. The telescopic cover closes flush  with the surface, remains flexible and moves in line with the base. This is a benefit that is pays off especially in the winter. Also, the chamber is not subject to rust.

In this way, the chamber system DN 400 facilitates drainage of the ground and works well as an inspection chamber. For instance, it is used as a building inspection chamber or drainage inspection chambers.

Chamber System DN 400
in detail

The chamber system DN 400 is a modern, highly-developed system of chamber components. It is suitable for the construction of waste water control chambers and inlets that are exposed to complex conditions. It was designed based on the latest insights from the plastic technology industry based on the requirements of construction engineers and operators of civil engineering systems.

Chamber base: Polypropylene (PP)

Riser pipe and telescopic cover: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC, unplasticized) in orange or Polypropylene (PP) in green.

The chamber systems DN 400 is a complete element system that allows the construction of chambers of various depths. This makes it possible to connect new waste water branches retrospectively, and connect the chamber with various waste water systems. 

When manufacturing, handling and assembling Ostendorf chamber systems, less energy is consumed due to the low weight, and therefore less CO2 is produced. The assembly can be completed much more quickly than, for instance, for concrete systems. The system also satisfies strict environmental protection criteria and can be recycled to 100%.

All modules may be connected to each other quickly and easily, and to our other pipe systems. Perfect connections and integrated seals guarantee secure connections in all application areas.