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Our PE-HD cable protection pipe (regenerated) is produced in accordance with DIN 16876 and is equipped with a practical push-fit socket. The smooth inner surface of the pipe allows cables to be pulled in optimally.

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The PE-HD cable protection pipe (regenerated) in detail

The PE-HD cable protection pipe system (regenerated) is produced in accordance with DIN 16876.

As a cable protection pipe for buried telecommunication or power cables (low and medium voltage).

  • Density min 0.94 g/cm³
  • Coefficient of linear expansion 2 x 10-4 K-1
  • E-modulus 900 N/mm²
  • Surface resistance > 1012 Ω
  • Cold bending radii for pipes according to DIN CEN TS 15223

PE-HD cable protection pipes are available in 6m pieces in various dimensions and wall thicknesses.

A large-volume SX factory inserted lip seal ring made of SBR (according to DIN EN 681).

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