Are you searching for an unobtrusive HT pipe for surface mounting? In this case, our HT system (PP) white is just what you are looking for! The white look ensures that the pipe looks elegant even in visible areas.

Convincing facts:

HT-System (PP) white in detail

Of course, HT-System (PP) white is fully compatible with our HT Safe-System.

The sound levels of the HT-System (PP) white are comparable to our HT-Safe®-System.

The pipe is made of polypropylene and is therefore hardly inflammable according to DIN 4102 (B 1) and DIN EN 1451-1.

We offer an unbelievable 25-year guarantee on this pipe system.

Pipes and fittings made of polypropylene with the ability to withstand hot water, manufactured according to DIN EN 1451-1. Read here to find out more about the material polypropylene:

Polypropylene: The material of the future

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