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Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH has won the recognition and trust of its customers and employees through responsible corporate management, compliant behavior and its performance. This should remain the case in the future.

Compliance and legal conformity are essential components for securing the long-term success of the company, protecting employees from unnecessary risks and showing the right path in cases of doubt. Fair conduct is our standard in all business situations.

In order not to jeopardize the economic success and safety of our employees, it is important not to look the other way, but to report possible misconduct at an early stage. Every single employee and whistleblower can help to protect the trust we place in each other and our customers. This means not only complying with the rules, but also recognizing violations in good time and reporting them in order to remedy possible misconduct. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH provides various reporting channels for this purpose.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality and appropriate legal protection for whistleblowers.

We provide the following reporting channels for whistleblowers:


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You can also use the EU’s external reporting office: