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Ostendorf Kunststoffe



The beginning

Ostendorf Kunststoffe was set up by brothers Norbert and Heinrich Ostendorf on 1 May 1973. The production of polypropylene pipes and fittings began in the same year. Due to a positive trend in this sector the complete range of products was soon produced. Today Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers in this market segment. Whilst Germany remains the principal market for HT products, Ostendorf nowadays supplies their products to a rising number of countries and acts globally.

In the years that followed production was extended by PVC drainage pipes and fittings. To this end, all pipes and fittings are manufactured from DN 110 to DN 500. Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH has chalked up a major market share in this field as well. Pipes and fittings are produced on the most up-to-date equipment, in part making use of unique technologies. This ensures a very effective production. Ostendorf always gives pride of place to innovations. research work extending over a long period has brought about the development of a technically advanced pipe system.

Skolan, the soundproof pipe system made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene. The new development has enabled Ostendorf to reduce waste water noises to a minimum in building construction. The company has devised a special Skolan connection method, which, in view of the high weight-per-unit area, is productionrelated difficult to realize. The latest Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH product is the specially designed KG 2000 drainage system. A particular feature of this pipe system is its environmental friendliness. Its field of use lies in the sewerage of ground. In contrast to the usual KG PVC range, it is not made of PVC but of PP (Polypropylene) using massive wall pipe technology. A specially patented and designed seal is just another highlight of the KG 2000 drainage system.

In the year 2008 Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH revised the HT house discharge system. Here the company’s 35 years of experience went into the innovation of the polypropylene production. A product has been created which in terms of sound insulation, fire protection and pipe installation – with centimeter marking – meets all the requirements placed on a modern pipe system.

All Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH products are manufactured and marketed in Vechta and subject to constant internal and external quality checks. The company is DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 certificated and its products have various authorizations from the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBT) as well as numerous other approvals and certificates for a host of countries.

Gebr. Ostendorf Kunststoffe GmbH

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