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Ostendorf Kunststoffe

KG PVC Coex SN 8 Drainage Pipe System


Material properties


Ostendorf pipes and fittings are produced in accordance with the technical conditions of delivery contained in DIN EN 1401 or  registration no. Z-42.1-229 or registration no. Z-42.1-212 of the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin (German Institute of Construction Technology).


Sliding socket with a Forsheda sealing ring pre-mounted at the plant. Sealing rings according to DIN EN 681-1 WC/WCL.

Area of application

Pipes and fittings are resistant to regular waste water (pH 2 –pH 12). For exceptions please check the chemical resistance mentioned in page 1, DIN 8061


8 kN/m² according to DIN EN ISO 9969 = SN 8 (SLW 60)

Chemical Resistance

according to DIN 8061.


Orangebrown RAL 8023

Thermal resistance

Pipes and fittings should be used for the drainage of waste water which does not have a higher temperature than 45°C < DN 200 or 35°C >200 according to DIN EN 476