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KG 2000 SN 10


Material properties


Polypropylene waste water pipes and fittings resistant to hot water and light effects, produced in accordance with DIN EN 14758-1.


PP – The material of the future

Polypropylene (PP), polypropylene is a thermoplastic material belonging to the group of polyolefin’s. These plastics have already been used with great success in pipe production for several decades. Polypropylene is also used in the automobile industry and in fuel stations since it meets high safety requirements. Guaranteed safety from a hygienic point of view, resistance to corrosion, good processing properties and several additional factors ensure a wide range of applications.


PP – Properties

With respect to DIN EN 476, polypropylene has excellent thermal properties. It can also be used under extreme conditions.


  • High chemical resistance pH2 – pH 12 (acid/alkaline)
    – resistant to bioorganic sulphuric acid corrosion
    – resistance according to DIN 8078 supplementary sheet no. 1
  • High abrasion resistance of PP – long lasting and safe in operation.


  • Excellent impact resistance and extremely tough
    – does not tend to crack or spread cracks
    – robust under mechanical stress (e. g. high-pressure flushing)
  • Smooth inside surface
    – optimal hydraulics
    – no incrustation
    – deposits do not get caught
    – self-cleaning, requires less maintenance

PP – Properties

An important requirement in private and public waste water systems is a long lasting water-tight pipe connection against leakage of waste water and ground water. The new innovative and patented gasket is a result of a long development. The decisive improvements are achieved by the special design.


The function of each gasket element

1. Tensioning lip
The tensioning lip prevents dirt build-up between the pipe wall and the gasket.
2. Retaining lip
The retaining lip causes the tensioning lip to be pressed against the foremost edge of the gasket groove. This stops
the gasket ring from being pressed out or rolling.
3. Wiping lip
The wiping lip serves to keep back any dirt on the pipe.
4. Sealing lip
The sealing lip assures a tight long-term pipe connection. Leakage test according to DIN EN 1610 with air and water
from 0.05 bar to 0.5 bar and vacuum. (System test 3.0 bar MPA Darmstadt).


Insertion forces

The insertion forces are considerably reduced by the special gasket design. This makes installation far easier compared to the usual sewer pipe systems.

Ecological value to the environment

  • material Polypropylene PP
  • ground water neutral
  • durable leak-proof pipe connection

Polypropylene, an environmentally-friendly material due to the method of production, recyclability and the resistance to aggressive media. The new KG 2000 SN 10 sealing system provides enhanced protection against infiltration and exfiltration of waste water into the ground water.

Polypropylene – ecologically valuable, the material of the future.