Produkt Kopfbild

Of course there was no need to make our KG2000 plastic pipe system any more perfect than they were, however we have finally implement a long-cherished customer request: As of now, we are offering KG2000 pipes also in blue. All pipes in the new series have a white inner coating and a ring stiffness class of SN 16.

Convincing facts:

KG2000 SN 16 blue in detail

KG2000 SN 16 in sky blue (RAL 5015) naturally has the same excellent hydraulic, thermoplastic and static properties as its green counterpart.

Our blue KG2000 SN 16 pipes are fully compatible with our green KG2000 SN 16 fittings.

Due to the blue color, our KG2000 SN 16 blue is particularly suitable for use as a rainwater pipe and thus enables clear color contrast.

Downloads and further information

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