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New: Our expert for waste water equipment! We have improved our highly modern waste water system KG2000. With a ring stiffness of 16kN/m² (pipes according to DIN EN ISO 9969 / moulded parts according to DIN EN ISO 13967) the waste water pipe system can withstand even heavier load requirements.

Convincing facts:

KG2000 SN 16 in detail

The KG2000 SN 16 is a modern, highly-developed system with full-wall technology. With a ring and system stiffness of 16 kN/m², the waste water pipe system is ideally suited for heavy requirements.

The new patented 3 lip seal can now be used more quickly than ever before and guarantees secure sealing even under the most adverse conditions.

Thanks to the full-wall technology, the pipe has a high level of impact and wear resistance. Smooth, hydraulic optimised inner surfaces ensure excellent flow properties and a high resistance to deposits. Also, the KG2000 SN 16 is completely corrosion-free and stable against biogenic sulphur corrosion.

Our original KG2000 may be welded with the welding system by company Sabug for special purposes ( and is ideally suited for high traffic loads (SLW 60).

The KG2000 SN 16 is free of halogens and heavy metals, and is 100% recyclable.

As the first and only plastic pipe system, our KG2000 has received the building control system approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for use as a JGS pipe.

Only our original KG2000 solid wall pipe system may be used in combination with the Sabug IP-plus welding system for JGS systems for underground, pressureless pipes.

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