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In this fast-paced era we live in, humans are intervening more and more into nature. To keep the impact on the environment as low as possible, we have developed the highly-modern waste water system KG2000 made of polypropylene. It is highly durable and also withstands the most demanding conditions.

Convincing facts:

KG2000 SN 10 in detail

The KG2000 is a modern, highly-developed system with full wall technology. The pipes and fittings are extremely strong and remains stable for an extended period of time and includes a elastic behaviour.

The new patented 3 lip seal can now be used more quickly than ever before and guarantees secure sealing even under the most adverse conditions. Thanks to the ring stiffness SN 10, the pipe may also be used in combination with NBR seals in canteens for grease lines with auxiliary heaters. This also applies to the discharge of industrial and fuel station wastewater.

Thanks to the full-wall technology, the pipe has a high level of impact and wear resistance. Also, the pipe is smooth walled on the inside and is very durable.

Our original KG2000 may be welded with the welding system by company Sabug for special purposes ( and is ideally suited for high traffic loads (SLW 60).

The KG2000 has a wear resistant inner surface in compliance with DIN EN 14758-1, it is resistant to damage when the cable is retracted, and is therefore ideal as a high-quality PP protection tube program according to DIN 16878.

The KG2000 has a lifespan of more than 100 years and may be completely recycled.

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