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Made in Germany and with a 25-year guarantee: Our KG2000 SN 16 is a modern, highly developed system with full wall technology, which is designed for high traffic loads (SLW 60) and is characterized by a particularly high impact and abrasion resistance. The patented 3-lip seal makes the installation process faster than ever and guarantees an absolutely secure seal even under the most adverse conditions.

Perfectly smooth, hydraulically optimized inner pipe surfaces provide excellent drainage, deposit resistance, are completely corrosion-free, resistant to biogenic sulfur corrosion, and are 100% recyclable.


  • Based on DIN EN 14758-1
  • Patented, factory installed triple seal made of SBR
  • Standardized statics for SN 16 available (as a special service we offer static calculations acc. to ATV-DVWK-ATV-A 127)
  • Successful temperature test at -10°C
  • Unmistakable with a white inner coating
  • Nominal diameters DN/OD 110 to DN/OD 500
  • Pipe lengths in 1000 mm, 3000 mm and 6000 mm
  • Extensive range of fittings according to DIN EN 14758-1, applicable for SN 10 and SN 16. All injection molded fittings have an actual measured ring stiffness of significantly more than 16 kN/m³ acc. to EN ISO 13967.
  • Optional welding with Sabug welding rings for specialized functions. (

For more information about the new KG2000 SN 16, please visit our product page.

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